Lee Daeun

Lee Daeun is a chubby beauty in a picture from 14 years ago

Lee Daeun

“Doll Singles 2” Lee Dae-eun released her past photos.

Lee Da-eun posted a picture on her Instagram story on the 20th with the message, “I’m open too, Psy.”

The photo shows Lee Dae-eun 14 years ago. Lee Dae-eun, who looks younger because of her chubby cheeks, showed off her cute charm by posing to cover her face with one hand.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-eun has developed into a real lover with Yoon Nam-gi, whom she met on MBN’s “Doll Singles 2.” The two recently unveiled their preparations for remarriage through “Dolsingle’s Oversea,” and received many congratulations for saying that they had already registered their marriage and became a legal couple. They will be married on September 4.

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