Lee Jihoon

Lee Jihoon’s wife is 155cm tall and weighs 41kg. Cute doll next to her husband

Lee Jihoon

Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane couple attended the official event together, drawing attention.

On the 20th, singer and actor Lee Ji-hoon said on his Instagram, “I thought it was a necessary time for children to experience adolescent theme trips together and establish the right sex culture You should go there when you have time,” he posted a photo of his recent status.

In the released photo, Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane couple are posing side by side in a nice suit. The visuals of the beautiful couple make even the viewers happy.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane married in November last year. The couple also appeared on SBS entertainment show ‘Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny’

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