Left hand 160km McClanahan Otani wins 11K perfect


Shane McClanahan (25, Tampa Bay Rays), who throws an average of 157 kilometers of four-seam fastball, won the starting match against Shohei Otani (28).

McClanahan started the away game against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on the 12th (Korea Standard Time).

McClanahan pitched 100 pitches (62 strikes) in seven innings, recording three hits and no runs. He also struck out 11 while giving up one walk.

In response, McClanahan lowered his season ERA from 3.06 to 2.52 by recording a quality start+ for the second time and three games of the season.

McClanahan overwhelmed the Los Angeles Angels with a 99-mile fastball from the first inning. All three hits were single hits and did not face any significant crisis.

McClanahan, a second-year Major League Baseball player, pitched 123 1/3 innings in 25 games last year, recording 10 wins and 6 losses and a 3.43 ERA.

This season, he became the ace of Tampa Bay based on his skills in full bloom. McClanahan has already taken the lead in the Major League with 57 strikeouts.

Otani, who faced McClanahan, also pitched well with two hits, one run and five strikeouts in six innings, reducing his season ERA to 2.78.

However, McClanahan’s pitch was one step ahead of Otani in the game. Otani’s home run hit by Kevin Kiermeyer in the second inning was painful.

McClanahan did not secure the victory despite his brilliant pitching. The relief team failed to keep the 2-0 lead and tied the score in the eighth inning.

McClanahan had to settle for a no-decision. McClanahan pitched 39 1/3 innings in seven games of the season, recording two wins and two losses and a 2.52 ERA 파워볼사이트

Tampa Bay allowed two runs in the eighth to tie the game 2–2, but scored two runs in the 10th inning of extra time and eventually won the game 4–2. J.P. Firelisen, who blocked the ninth inning without losing a point, won

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