Lim Si-wan

Lim Si-wan, Tokyo Fan Meeting Successfully Completed…”Time to meet fans is precious”.

Actor Lim Si-wan successfully finished his fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

Lim Si-wan

The “2023 Temporary Wan Fan Meeting WHY I AM in TOKYO,” which was held in about eight years, was sold out early and it was a time to feel the heated support of fans as they visited Japan after a long time.

Lim Si-wan performed the drama Tracer OST “fire” with powerful dance and live performances and opened the spectacular prelude to the fan meeting with a powerful stage. Amid enthusiastic cheers, Lim Si-wan continued to communicate with pleasant talk and active communication through abundant corners such as Q&A and OX games, including the “Lim Si-wan Drama Awards” talk, in which fans participated by pre-voting.

Lim Si-wan then performed the original song of “Snow Flower,” which was remade by singer Park Hyo-shin and reinterpreted as an acoustic version of the drama “Run On,” and the song “Click Click” released for fans before joining the military. Lim Siwan participated in the planning with various ideas for this fan meeting and showed extraordinary passion, so he was able to provide special enjoyment to both Lim Siwan and fans.

Lim Si-wan, who heated up the concert hall throughout the two-day performance, showed off a variety of charms from sweet ballads to colorful performances, said, “I realized that what I thought was natural when I was in front of my eyes was precious.” “I didn’t expect time to pass by easily,” he said, expressing his feelings about meeting with fans after a long time. Eight years of long years have left a great deal of importance to the time to meet you in person. He also impressed me with a sincere letter, saying, “I hope we can spend more precious time together in the future.”

Im Si-wan will continue his passion through the 2023 Im Si-wan Fan Concert WHY I AM in SEOUL, which will be held on February 11th (Sat) this week.

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