Park Tae-hwan

Park Tae-hwan, cooking class at Austin River house.Han Go-eun “I Can’t Imagine” [Groom Class]

Austin Kang, the “groom class,” will turn the studio upside down by presenting three “imaginary” fusion dishes in a cooking class with Park Tae-hwan.

Park Tae-hwan

In the 50th episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life-Groom Class these days (hereinafter referred to as “Groom Class”), which will air on the 8th, Park Tae-hwan’s “Knowing the Yo” special will be held after meeting Chef Austin Kang and taking cooking classes.

On the same day, Park Tae-hwan visits a restaurant in Austin River where he is close to him and meets him. At this time, Austin Kang said, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” and made Park feel dizzy. However, when Austin Kang said, “98% of customers (restaurants) are women,” Park Tae-hwan suddenly confirms his regular customers, saying, “Are you here? You should come often.”

After a while, Austin Kang heads home with Park, saying, “Let’s go to my house and have a cooking class.” Upon arriving at Austin Kang’s house, the two roll up their sleeves in an open kitchen for guest visits and begin full-fledged cooking classes. The main ingredient that Austin Kang airlifted directly from Jeju Island for a special class is your rare 13-year-old kimchi, which Park Tae-hwan, who sampled it himself, describes as “meat-eating texture.” Seo Hajun, the ‘anorexic’ who was watching in the studio, also said, “It’s out! Saliva!” he burst out with a real reaction and gave a burst of laughter.

After preparing the ingredients, Austin Kang teaches Park three “creative explosion” fusion dishes made from 13-year-old ripe kimchi. “Mentor” Han Go-eun, who was watching the process of making Austin Kang’s fusion dish, put out her tongue, saying, “It’s an unimaginable combination,” and Park Tae-hwan also testified enthusiastically, “At first, I said, ‘Are you sure you made it to eat this?’ but it was art.” Attention is focusing on what Austin Kang’s fusion dish Park Tae-hwan has learned. 박태환 홈페이지

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