Market profit of 2.5 billion won Uhm Jung-hwa, Hannam-dong House, Private Large Terrace, Whole Glass Bathroom


Amid the recent interest in real estate prices of celebrities, singer and actor Uhm Jung-hwa’s house in Hannam-dong is drawing attention.

On Mnet’s “TMI NEWS,” which aired on April 7, the chart was released under the theme of “Real Estate Capital Benefit Star.”

The eighth-ranked player was “Korea’s Madonna” Uhm Jung-hwa. Currently, Uhm Jung-hwa lives in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong. The villa, which was worth 2.5 billion won at the time of the purchase, is considered one of the finest in the U.N. Village. Above all, there are many famous political and business figures who live in the area because their privacy is perfect due to tight security. According to the broadcaster, the current market price of the villa is about 5 billion won, which represents about 2.5 billion won in profits from Um Jeong-hwa’s real estate market.

In addition, the interior of Eom Jeong-hwa’s Hannam-dong house is being re-examined. Uhm Jung-hwa appeared on SBS’ “Master in the House” last year and revealed her home for the first time. At that time, when the front door was opened, Um Jeong-hwa House, where the marble road was opened, boasted of its cleanness in white tone. The living room, which arrived along the white corridor, was decorated with black and white.

Among them, a large rug drew attention. In response, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I bought it in installments with a big mind because I liked the phrase.” If you’ve worked this hard…He smiled,” he said. “It’s an old sofa,” Uhm said of the large sofa in the middle of the living room. There are traces of dirt burning out, but this sofa cannot be changed. “My long-time dog just licked here and got stained, and I love it,” he expressed his affection.

The kitchen turned its back on the refrigerator, and a sink and gas stove were arranged in a shape of a 자 to increase efficiency. The kitchen was also decorated in white tones, and unique props with a sense of Eom Jung-hwa were selected as the key points. In particular, various candlesticks on one side, along with a long tree hanging over the marble table, caused admiration. Regarding various candlesticks, such as geometric candlesticks and cute magnifying candlesticks, Uhm Jung-hwa explained, “I like to light candles.”

The piano room, which was unveiled for the first time, felt cozy as if it had entered a small forest. There was a sofa in the opposite shape, a small table in the center, and a piano on the wall. In particular, there was a window on one side of the wall, so I could enjoy Um Jeong-hwa’s dense terrace. Uhm Jung-hwa said, “When Jung Jae-hyung, Lee Juck, and Kim Dong-ryul come over to play the piano. Then we can have a glass of wine and talk while reading books.

In the second room, the Um Jeong-hwa History Museum was located. Along with Uhm Jung-hwa as a singer and Uhm Jung-hwa as an actor, there were trophies, tapes, and albums on display. Also on one side were photos of the children currently sponsored by Uhm Jung-hwa, and Uhm Jung-hwa boasted, “It’s not a lot, but it’s been quite a while Uhm Jung-hwa.”

In the third room, a dressing room was opened. Eom Jung-hwa, dubbed “Korea’s Madonna,” had a lot of basic items that she liked instead of fancy clothes. Uhm Jung-hwa explained about her own fashion philosophy, saying, “I like to give points with fashion props.”

Above all, Um Jeong-hwa’s house was a huge terrace. “I wanted a house with a yard,” Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I was surprised by the fact that she was working on a terrace garden of an extraordinary size.” The garden was covered with green bushes, from coffee tables to trees, flowers, and plants. Above all, this place is known as a place where Um Jeong-hwa, a pet dog, can defecate outdoors or run around freely.

Since then, Uhm Jung-hwa has unveiled undisclosed locations on tvN’s “On & Off.” Eom Jeong-hwa’s bedroom is composed of a rather dark tone, unlike the overall white tone of the house. On top of that, plants and embossing cushions gave it a cozy feeling. In addition, a large bathtub will be placed in the direction of the window, allowing visitors to take a look at the spacious terrace at the same time as the bath.

In response, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I like gardening. It is warm because there are flowers and plants in the house. “I love flowers so much that I don’t let them fall off,” he said. Eom Jung-hwa also gave a laugh, saying, “Isn’t it a house for Eom Jung-hwa said Eom Jung-hwa.

Meanwhile, Uhm made her debut in 1993 with the film “On a Windy Day, I Have to Go to Apgujeong.” He then appeared in the films “Dancing Queen” and “Marriage Is Crazy” and acted as an actor.

In addition, Uhm Jung-hwa succeeded in catching two rabbits, a singer and an actor, giving birth to hit songs such as “Rose of Betrayal,” “Poison” and “Festival.”

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