Hong Hyunhee

Hong Hyunhee lost 16kg while riding in the middle of the night, to copper? I’m serious about my diet.

Hong Hyunhee

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee revealed her daily life that she is serious about dieting.

Hong Hyun-hee wrote on her Instagram story on the early morning of the 30th, “Today, I’m going to ride a bike. As I ran, I found a picture of the night view of the Han River with the words “Guri.”

He then said good night, posting a picture of him lying on a cot and collapsing.

Recently, Hong Hyun-hee appeared on an entertainment program and said, “When I weighed the most, I weighed 70kg, but now if I weigh myself on an empty stomach, I lose 16kg.

As for the reason why I went on a diet, I couldn’t breathe well because I gained a lot of weight in the past. The diaphragm is pressed down. I thought I could die at this rate. “I lost weight to live,” he said. In response, her husband Jason said Hong Hyun-hee worked out eight kilometers a day.

Meanwhile, Hong Hyun-hee married interior designer Jason in 2018.

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