Park Ki-ryang

Park Ki-ryang got a Mercedes at the company It’s worth 12 years of work.

Park Ki-ryang

Cheerleader Park Ki-ryang boasted an expensive foreign car that she received as a gift from the company.

Park Ki-ryang posted a photo on his social media on the 31st of last month, saying, “I’ll be pretty for you, please take good care of me, #12thanniversary #companygift #loyalty.”

The released photo showed Park Ki-ryang taking a proof shot in front of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle. He covered his face with a mask and a hat, but he could see a bright smile 부산출장마사지

Many acquaintances, including Gong Seo-young, Kang Ye-bin, and cheerleader Seo Hyun-sook, who saw the post, liked it together with comments saying, “It’s cool, it’s cool,” and “Congratulations.”

Park Ki-ryang is the best cheerleader Bae Soo-hyun said, “Wow. I commend the company,” he replied, “It is worth working with.”

Park Ki-ryang plays as a cheerleader for the Lotte Giants, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Bluefangs, and the Seoul SK Knights

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