Maybe he’s going to court for 52.9 billion won in money that he hasn’t given to Barca yet.


Will FC Barcelona’s nightmare continue?

Spain’s El Espanyol reported on the 12th (Korea time) that FC Barcelona still has 39 million euros to give Lionel Messi.

“I signed a two-year contract with Messi,” PSG said on the club’s official website. There is an additional one-year option.” The back number is 30. According to local media, the annual salary is 35 million euros.

Messi is a six-time “Ballon d’Or” award-winning legend given to the best player of the year. Initially, he renewed his contract with Barcelona, but he wore a PSG uniform as the club was resolved to FA due to financial problems.

Barca made a final offer after the farewell press conference. The financial director, not Juan Laporta, stepped up to grab Messi himself.

But Barca’s final offer was not enough. It was not enough to change Messi’s mind after the farewell press conference.

His father, Jorge, drafted the contract and ended it in Paris to complete it himself.

The problem is that Barca still has money left to pay Messi. “Barca has sent Messi out, but we still have 39 million euros left to pay,” El Espanyol said.

“Barca signed a contract with Messi and promised 78 million euros (about 105.8 billion won) in royalties. “We decided to split the payment between June 2020 and June 2021.

The media said, “But Barca failed to give Messi the 39 million euros he had to give in 2021. “We have requested a moratorium on payments due to the coronavirus, but we have yet to reach an agreement with Messi.

A situation that reminds me of Neymar’s past situation. In the past, he received money after a court suit to pay for portrait rights and royalties that he had not paid since leaving Barca for PSG.

“I don’t think Barca’s nightmare of throwing Messi away for money, who wanted to renew his contract, is over yet,” El Espanol said. “Barca’s nightmares will never end until the amount of money he has not given comes out,” he stressed.

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