Shaquille O’Neill, a dinosaur center sat there and laughed at Schroeder for 90 billion won. What the hell was he thinking?


Dennis Schroeder, an NBA player who refused 21 million dollars a year and signed a contract for 5.9 million dollars a year, is being ridiculed.

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Schroeder, who played six-man from the Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of last season.

Then during the season, he offered to sign a four-year, $84 million contract.

But he flatly refused. He was convinced that he could receive $120 million to $120 million in the free contract market 안전놀이터

Back then, his judgment was not wrong.

If he did well with the Lakers, he could have gotten the amount he wanted.

But he had a disappointing performance with the Lakers. Compared to Oklahoma City, the Yatu rate dropped by 5%.

Then the Lakers no longer offered him a contract.

He appeared in the free contract market, but other clubs also turned a blind eye to him.

Too much confidence put him on the verge of losing his job.

The Boston Celtics reached out and managed to avoid losing their jobs.

However, the contract with Boston was a problem.

Boston was hit at $5.9 million a year.

Schroeder reportedly demanded more than $10 million.

The sword was held by Boston.

Eventually, Schroeder surrendered. It was stamped at $5.9 million a year.

Then, Shaquille O’Neill mocked him.

“What the hell were you thinking, Schroeder?” O’Neill wrote on his Twitter account.

Schroeder must fly in Boston to regain his honor.

Then it can be evaluated again in the free contract market.

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