Dennis Schroeder has chosen FA again a one year contract with Boston


Dennis Schroeder will challenge the FA market again next year.

ESPN reported on the 11th (Korea time) that Dennis Schroeder had agreed to a one-year contract with the Boston Celtics.

The annual salary is $5.9 million. It is a mid-level acceptance contract.

This is a ridiculously small contract compared to the Lakers’ offer of a four-year, $80 million extension ahead of last season. The last-minute slump in the Lakers markedly reduced ransom prices, overlapping misjudgment of the market atmosphere, forcing Schroeder to sign an FA contract for much less than expected.

From Schroeder’s point of view, he chose to retake the FA.

Fortunately, Boston is a land of opportunity for Schroeder. Boston traded Kemba Walker to Oklahoma City this summer, leaving a gap in its guard. There are Chris Dunn, Carson Edwards and Peyton Pritchard, who have been recruited as traders, including Marcus Smart, but I am still very anxious. This is a roaster configuration where Schroeder has no choice but to get many opportunities to play. If Schroeder plays his part as an attacking guard by going back and forth between the starting line and the bench, he will be able to breathe in the guard.

Schroeder played in 61 games with the Lakers last year, recording 15.4 points, 3.5 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 43.7 percent, and 33.5 percent successful shots. In particular, the average score was the lowest in five years.

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