Mogadishu’s word of mouth is just around the corner for the first 2 million this year.


Mogadishu, the best film production that announced the revival of Korean films in 2021, has topped the box office for two consecutive weeks, mobilizing 1,712,265 viewers.

The movie “Mogadishu” attracted 1,712,265 viewers as of August 9th (Monday) by Young Jin-wi, attracting more than 2.7 times the number of viewers over the weekend than the new movie “The Suicide Squad” and topped the overwhelming weekend box office for two consecutive weeks. The movie “Mogadishu,” which has continued to top the box office for 12 consecutive days, became an unusual word of mouth and showed a box office phenomenon in which the number of viewers increased on Sunday compared to Saturday. The hit movie “Mogadishu” is expected to surpass Disney’s “Cruela” soon and reach the top of 2 million for the first time this year.

The box office boom in the movie “Mogadishu” is expected to not only give a big boost to the stagnant Korean film, but also overcome the worst crisis with audience and film power despite the fourth phase of social distancing and Tokyo Olympics. In particular, the advanced quarantine awareness of Korean audiences and the thorough quarantine system of theaters are also paying attention in Hollywood, and the upcoming box office records of the Korean film “Mogadishu,” which is breaking through the toughest period since the Pandemic era, will be a miracle in a year 부산출장마사지

The movie “Mogadishu” tells the story of the escape of people isolated by civil war in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia in 1991. “Mogadishu,” which has continued to be the number one box office winner for two consecutive weeks, is definitely continuing this year’s best Korean film box office sensation, is showing in high praise.

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