Ohtani, if you go to Toronto, you can trade the blue crab…


Will it be impossible for the two MVP superstars, Shohei Otani (28, LA Angels) and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (23, Toronto), to coexist? If Otani moves to Toronto and signs an extension contract, it is expected that the trade of key players such as Guerrero Jr. or Bobissett will be inevitable.

Canadian media ‘Yahoo Sports Canada’ confirmed the possibility on the 21st , saying, “This is why Toronto has to move to recruit Otani this winter.”

Ohtani also had a successful pitching and hitting season with a batting average of 0.273 in 157 games, 34 home runs, 95 RBIs, 90 points, OPS 0.875 and a 2.33 ERA in 27 games, and 216 innings with 219 strikeouts. Despite his MVP-level performance, the LA Angels remained in third place in the American League West with 73 wins and 89 losses this year, and Otani has never experienced autumn baseball in his four years in the Major League.

For this reason, there are continuous rumors that Ohtani, who will become an FA after next season, will be traded during the season. An interview at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after returning to Japan recently added fuel to the trade rumors. “Personally, I think I had a good season, but I don’t think the LA Angels did,” Otani said, expressing regret over the team’s performance.

Yahoo Sports Canada said, “It is not clear when the LA Angels will put Otani on the market, but the situation could change rapidly in the next few months,” adding, “It would be foolish for any team not to investigate superstars (who can be on the market). This is especially true for Toronto, where it can benefit from just adding elite starters and left-handed batters to the roster. They can confirm two things with just one confirmation,” he pointed out.

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