Ronaldo, the fine alone is around 1 billion won…Also excluded from the entry against Chelsea


Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United), who has been controversial due to a series of early work, will not be able to play in the upcoming weekend match against Chelsea. Local reports also said the fine for defying the coach will reach around 1 billion won.

Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) announced on its website on the 21st, “Ronaldo will be excluded from the regular league game squad against Chelsea this weekend.” Manchester United will play Chelsea in the 13th round of the EPL on the 23rd.

It is interpreted as a disciplinary action for unauthorized actions of the so-called “early leave work” that leaves the bench during a series of recent games.

Ronaldo kept the bench in the 12th round of the 2022-2023 EPL home game against Tottenham Hotspur on the 20th. Unable to get a chance to replace, he suddenly entered the locker room in the 45th minute of the second half when the game was underway. There was also a local report that Ronaldo refused to order Manchester United coach Eric Tenhagh to replace him.

Coach Tenhagh never told me (Ronaldo) was leaving after the game. “I will solve it tomorrow,” he said, showing his position that he would not sit idly by.

Ronaldo also left the bench 10 minutes before the end of the pre-season game against Rayo Bayekano (Spain) in August and left early. At the time, coach Tenhagh said, “It is unacceptable,” adding, “We are a team and we have to stay until the end of the game.”

England’s The Sun and others said, “Coach Tenhagh has lost his patience,” adding, “Ronaldo cannot join the first-tier training until the end of the next game.” He will also be fined 720,000 pounds (about 1.16 billion won), a two-week wage, in return for defying the coach, he said. The British Mirror reported that the fine amounts to 만1 million (about 1.6 billion won).

Ronaldo expressed his position on social media. “Throughout my career, I have respected my colleagues, opponents and coaches. This hasn’t changed, he said. “I’ve been trying to set an example for young players in every team I play, but unfortunately, it’s not possible every time. “Sometimes, the heat of the moment comes first,” he said. 토토사이트

“Right now, we have to train hard on the training ground, cheer for our teammates, and prepare everything for the game where we will be given the opportunity. Giving in to pressure is not an option. This is United, and we must unite. We’ll be together soon,” he wrote.

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