Otani also refused He can start the home run derby


Los Angeles Angels Otani Shohei will eventually miss the All-Star Game home run derby.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) secretariat announced on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) the list of players who participated in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. A total of eight players will play, and “living legend” Albert Pujols will also play in the home run derby as a fan service.

However, “special stars” announced early that they would not participate in the home run derby. Toronto Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has refused to play in the home run derby again this year, saying, “I don’t want to be injured,” and New York Yankees Aaron Judge and Angels star Mike Trout have also refused.

In the meantime, Otani also decided not to play. Otani played in the home run derby last year and dropped out of the first round, but this year he decided to take a break from the home run derby.

Otani will play in the designated hitter-pitching category at the MLB All-Star Game on the 19th. He was also selected as a pitcher, but it is still undecided whether he will play as a starting pitcher 코인파워볼사이트

Houston Astros Dusty Baker, head coach of Otani’s American League All-Star team, told the Orange County Register in an interview, “He’s not just an All-Star,” leaving room for Otani’s chances of starting pitcher. “Megastar”

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