Pace has 58 home runs in 61 years and set a new record


Will 61 “clean” records set in 1961 be broken in 61 years?

The record for the most home runs in a major league season is 73 set by Barry Bonds in 2001. But his drug-stained record has been shunned by most fans and the media. Not only Bonds, but also Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa, who marked more than 60 home runs a season around the 2000s, or in the steroid era.

The record for the most home runs in a season without the help of drugs is 61 set by Roger Maris of the New York Yankees in 1961. In the Boston Red Sox game held at Yankee Stadium on the last day of the regular season, Marys broke Babe Ruth’s record for the first time in 34 years.

Aaron Judge, Mary’s junior, has taken on a great challenge to his senior’s milestone for the first time in 61 years this season. In a home game against the Boston Red Sox on the 17th, Jersey finished the first half with 33 home runs by hitting a solo shot in the fifth inning and a two-run shot in the sixth inning.

Marys played in all 83 games played by her team in the first half of 1961, hitting 33 home runs. In other words, in terms of the first half record, Jersey achieved the most home runs tie in the first half of Marys and Yankees history.

“I can’t believe it,” he said after the game on Thursday, “it’s going to be the same as Marys’ first-half record. I have one more game left, and I won’t stop,” he said. However, he had to settle for two hits and one RBI in three at-bats without a home run in the final game of the first half of the 18th.

Since the Yankees played 92 games in the first half, Jersey’s arithmetic expected home runs this year are 58. It’s a little short of Mary’s record, but there are plenty of chances of breaking it at pace. Jersey was in bad shape in July. After hitting 30 home runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 7th and 31 home runs against the Cincinnati Reds on the 15th, he drove two against Boston on the same day, raising the pace.

The Yankees have 70 games left. The jersey will have to add 28 to match Mary’s record. He has to hit one home run per 2.5 games. In the first half, he hit one home run per 2.79 games. You need to work harder. The key is physical strength and the opponent’s check. The Yankees finished the first half with a 64-28 record and an overwhelming 0.696. Not only is the first place in the American League East, but also the first place in the league.

In other words, the Yankees can just do as they did in the first half. The same goes for jersey. There is no need to feel burdened if you are careful about injuries. In the first half, he batted .284, 33 home runs, 70 RBIs, 74 runs scored, and OPS 0.982 in 89 games. Still, he is the No. 1 candidate for the American League MVP 안전놀이터

Jersey’s personal goal this year is neither a home run record nor an MVP. It is to get the ransom you want in the FA market. If you break the record of Marys and become MVP, that’s a goal you can achieve

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