Park Chan-ho

Park Chan-ho, Kim Ha-sung’s advice: Don’t push your seniors when you take a shower.

Park Chan-ho

Park Chan-ho (48), who joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1994, still remembers the first day of spring camp vividly.

Park Chan-ho, who entered the shower after finishing his training, said he would push his back to his teammate who was taking a shower next to him after finishing the soap.

In Korea, it is a culture that people who are new to each other are familiar with pushing each other’s backs, but it was the United States.

That’s the realistic advice Park Chan-ho can give to his junior in the Major League Kim Ha-sung (26, San Diego Padres).

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune on the 24th (Korea time), Park Chan-ho said in a recent interview, “I will advise Kim Ha-sung never to push his senior back in the shower.”

Kim Ha-sung said in a non-face-to-face Zoom interview that the San Diego club, players, coaches, and front desk are treating him like a family, and he is adjusting comfortably.

In the meantime, Kim Ha-sung also thanked Park Chan-ho, who gave him generous advice as a senior in the Major League and a special advisor to the San Diego team 메이저사이트

Park Chan-ho said, “I will tell Kim Ha-sung my story until his ears bleed,” adding, “I will help him adapt quickly and learn quickly.” “You can do it on your own inside the stadium, but outside the stadium, you need someone to help you like your family.”

This is to prevent them from going through trials and errors they have experienced. Park Chan-ho recalled his teammates who hated kimchi.

“Every time I ate Korean food, they said bad things,” Park Chan-ho said. “I had to eat kimchi because it was more encouraging than eating a big chunk of steak. But they said it smelled terrible, and I thought everyone hated me. They just didn’t like the smell.”

Although Park struggled in the early days of joining the club, he showed off his skills in his third year. It overlaps with the time when her mother began to stay together in Los Angeles.

Park Chan-ho stressed that it is very important for Kim Ha-sung to have a strong bond with at least one of his teammates.

However, I don’t worry too much about the problem of adaptation. This is because the owner of San Diego is the O’Malley Group, which owned the Los Angeles Dodgers in the past.

Former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley was called Park Chan-ho’s stepfather. The relationship was so close.

Park Chan-ho, who has a strong helper named O’Malley on his back, has enjoyed his heyday with the Dodgers, setting the stage for the most wins (124 wins) by an Asian pitcher in the Major League.

O’Malley usually claimed to be his stepfather, saying Park Chan-ho was “my third son.”

Park Chan-ho said, “Kim Ha-sung has me, and Peter Sadler, the nephew of former owner O’Malley, is the owner of the club.” “We have a good leader, a good manager, and good teammates,” he said. “They are young and kind. Therefore, there will be no inconvenience to Kim Ha-sung. I think it would have been an easy decision for Kim Ha-sung to sign the Padres. “This is because Peter Sadler, the owner of the club, is the same person who can make another history with a player from Korea.”

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