Yang Hyeon-jong

Yang Hyeon-jong, the big leaguer who is ready, stands out in English conversation from day one.

Yang Hyeon-jong

Yang Hyun-jong (33, Texas Rangers), who is seeking to enter the Major League, finished his first training session with a bright smile. Even if there is an interpreter, it was impressive to see him trying to get close to his colleagues by talking directly in English 안전놀이터

Yang Hyun-jong, who finished self-isolation after arriving in the U.S. on the 20th (Korean time), officially joined the Texas Rangers Spring Camp on the 24th. Yang Hyun-jong took a strong first step toward entering the big league by conducting catch ball and defense training at the camp held at Surprise in Arizona, the U.S.

Yang signed a split contract with Texas on the 13th and participated in the camp as an invited player. There were many external variables, such as unfamiliar environments, fierce competition, and Corona19, but they showed quick adaptability from the first day and dispelled concerns to some extent.

In addition to his serious training attitude, he also showed the activeness of greeting his colleagues who he had never seen before, and laughed loudly while exchanging jokes with his colleagues who became close quickly. In particular, even though there was an interpreter next to him, the way he spoke English and communicated directly was enough to give the impression that he was a prepared big leaguer.

In fact, Yang has not neglected to study English to achieve his dream of playing in the Major League since early last year. It was a challenge that could be the last, so I was determined to learn the most basic language first. In addition, during the season, he tried to communicate directly with foreign players and used English that he learned in writing in practice. And finally, he succeeded in entering the U.S., showing his unprecedented attitude.

Yang Hyeon-jong, who successfully completed his first training session, announced his successful start to the challenge with his short speech, “I trained hard on the first day.”

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