Park Min-young

Park Min-young’s meaningful feeling that she will not disappoint you in the future

Park Min-young

Actress Park Min-young expressed her significant feelings.

Park Min-young won the Best Artist Award in the Actor category at the 2022 Asian Artist Awards (hereinafter referred to as AAA) held at Nihongai City Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on the 13th and said, “The year was not easy for me.”

At AAA, where Lee Teuk and Jang Won-young were the MCs, Park Min-young won the Best Artist Award in the Actor category along with Han So-hee and Seo In-guk.

Park Min-young, who took the stage, said, “The year has not been easy for me,” adding, “I will work harder and become an actor who will not disappoint.” “I will keep my promise,” he said.

Park Min-young, who said, “The year was not easy,” recalls his situation in which he was embroiled in a backlash after his romantic relationship and breakup with Kang, who is so-called “hidden wealth man.”

Park Min-young drew a line at the end of September, saying, “I broke up with the other party,” when a dispute was filed with a wealthy man, Kang. Kang is suspected of having been involved in fraud cases and illegal loans in the past, and currently owns companies entangled in equity structures such as Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bident, including Bithumb Korea, which operates a cryptocurrency exchange using his sister’s name.

Despite allegations that he received foreign cars from Kang, he explained, “It is never true that he received a lot of financial provision.” However, suspicions have been raised that the two were more than ordinary lovers, with Park Min-young’s biogen’s older sister serving as an outside director of Inbiogen.

Hook Entertainment, Park Min-young’s agency, faced the biggest crisis since its establishment, having been raided by the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division after Park Min-young’s romance rumor. On top of that, Lee Seung-ki, who was a representative singer and actor, has been at odds with Lee Seung-ki for 18 years, and he has been breaking up with another representative actor, Yoon Yeo-jung

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