Post Malone

Post Malone, who became a father, is his mother a Korean woman?

Post Malone

U.S. singer Post Malone, who was suspected of dating Korean rapper Melo, got a cute daughter. However, while the mother’s identity is still hidden under the veil, suspicions are rising that she is a Korean. It’s not Melo, who was originally the main character of the romance rumor, but someone else.

Earlier this year, Malone surprised fans by revealing that her girlfriend was pregnant with her first child.

The U.S. hip-hop magazine “XXL” reported that Malone is protecting his fiance and daughter behind closed doors even after his daughter’s birth, but fans already seem to know his fiance’s identity. Fans say they suspect the unidentified woman is Korean.

Malone and the woman were first spotted at the airport in October 2020. Later, in January 2021, fans were seen shopping in Los Angeles, and later attended Post Malone’s relative’s wedding, sparking rumors of their marriage.

Along with the popularity of Post Malone, fans’ jealousy toward the woman has become serious. He deactivated his SNS account due to people’s malicious comments. As a result, the special woman in Malone is expected to remain more of a mystery for the time being.

Post Malone said in an interview with “GQ” in September how he felt about becoming a parent. “I’m so happy,” he said, saying he held his first daughter in his arms four months ago. “I don’t cry when my daughter plays my music. I think it’s a good sign, but I’ll wait and see. I’m going to let him decide. But you will like my music,” he said, expressing his love for his daughter.

Meanwhile, Malone was embroiled in a romantic relationship with Korean rapper Melo in May. As rumors of a romantic relationship became more and more intense, Melo explained through “Spotby News” that he was only a close friend of Post Malone and not a relationship.

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