N.Flying Kim Jaehyun

N.Flying Kim Jaehyun confirmed COVID-19…

N.Flying Kim Jaehyun

N.Flying’s Kim Jae-hyun was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

N.Flying’s agency FNC Entertainment said on the 2nd, “N.Flying Kim Jaehyun showed mild symptoms of a sore throat, so as a preemptive response, he conducted a COVID-19 PCR test and was tested positive.”

“Currently, Kim Jae-hyun has no symptoms except for a mild sore throat, and will follow self-quarantine measures until the 7th.” “We inform you that Kim Jae-hyun and the four members did not have any separate contact,” he explained.

As Kim Jae-hyun enters self-quarantine, only four members except Kim Jae-hyun will participate in video calls, face-to-face fan signing events, and video call fan signing events that will run until the 7th.

The agency said, “We ask for your understanding that the scheduled schedule will inevitably be attended by four people,” adding, “We are sorry to tell you the sudden confirmation news, and we will always pay attention to the health and safety of the artist.”

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