Probability of non-fertility probability of contraception if taken within one hour of post-fertility


Q: I’m a woman in her 30s. A day before the birth, I had sex with my boyfriend and had a stomachache because the condom was torn. I was immediately prescribed a contraceptive pill and took it within an hour.

What is the probability of a non-term pregnancy?

I’m afraid. I heard that the post-conceptor has a failure rate of 5%, but I’m very worried because it’s just before childbearing.

A: Post-conceptives are high-capacity hormone preparations (10 times higher concentrations than conventional contraceptives).

After taking these high concentrations of hormone drugs, side effects such as blood loss, vomiting, miscarriage, and pain can occur. Therefore, you need plenty of rest 정품비아그라

The probability of contraception is about 95 percent if you take post-conceptives within 24 hours. There is no possibility of pregnancy. Don’t worry. If you feel anxious, take a urine test with a pregnancy test two weeks after the date of sex.

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