An actor who perfectly prepares every gesture and breath of Hwang Jung-min, the director of hostage sensitivity


Director Pil Gam-sung expressed his feelings about working with actor Hwang Jung-min.

Director Pil Gam-sung, who grabbed the megaphone ahead of the release of the film “Proof” (Produced by Foreign Oil & Steel Co., Ltd.), talked about the movie in a video interview on the 11th. “The Hostage” is a reality action thriller film about actor Hwang Jung-min, who was kidnapped at dawn one day without any evidence or witnesses.

It also told the reason why Hwang Jung-min was cast as the one-top actor. “Most of the actors are tied up in this movie, and I thought Hwang Jung-min was the number one actor who can show great spectacles with just a close-up of his upper body. “And he was an actor with famous lines and episodes such as ‘The Brother’ and ‘Come and Come,’ and he was also an actor who could naturally take action in the second half.”

Director Phil expressed his infinite trust in Hwang Jung-min throughout the interview. “I was really surprised to be with you. Hwang Jung-min was much more creative than I thought. When you come to the scene, you prepare every gesture and breath perfectly. To be honest, as a director, I could make it more comfortable. He always encourages the staff when the camera is off. So all the staff admitted that he was a professional.

When asked about the difference between Hwang Jung-min, who was set up in the drama, and Hwang Jung-min, who had actually experienced it, said, “Hwang Jung-min is Hwang Jung-min, who I imagined in the movie. When I observed Hwang Jung-min while filming, human Hwang Jung-min was much hotter. “Hwang Jung-min, who I thought was a little more rational, was actually a very hot person.”

He also told why Hwang Jung-min’s famous “table acceptance scene” was the first scene of the movie. After winning the Best Actor Award for “You are my destiny” at the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2005, Hwang Jung-min drew attention with his touching acceptance speech saying, “I just had to eat deliciously at the table set by 60 staff members.”

“From the beginning of the movie, I wanted this story to start by declaring that it was ‘the story of Hwang Jung-min,'” director Phil said. “The first thing that came to mind when I think of an actor named Hwang Jung-min was ‘the acceptance speech for the meal award’. “So I thought it was appropriate for the first scene of the movie, which will be the story of Hwang Jung-min, and all the other staff members agreed 여성전용마사지

The movie “The Hostage” will feature director Pil Gamsung holding the megaphone and Hwang Jung-min, Kim Jae-bum, Lee Yu-mi, Ryu Kyung-soo, Jung Jae-won, Lee Kyu-won, and Lee Ho-jung. Released on the 18th.

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