Song Ji-eun

Song Ji-eun’s next film is The Mansion’s hit

Song Ji-eun

Actor Song Ji-in has decided on his next film.

According to News 1’s report on the 11th, Song Ji-in will appear in the original OTT TVing content “The Mansion” (played by Yoo Gap-yeol, directed by Chang).

“The Mansion” is a mystery thriller that pursues the truth of her sister, who disappeared against the backdrop of an apartment planned to be rebuilt. Suspicious neighbors who hide their greedy insides behind their ordinary appearance, and secrets that are revealed the more they dig, present extreme reality fear and intense suspense.

Song Ji-in will play Ji-hyun, the older sister of Gina (played by Lim Ji-yeon), in the drama. He, who impressed viewers with his role as Ami having an affair with Shin Yu-shin (played by Lee Tae-gon), recently joined the filming of “The Mansion” and is working hard on TV on the 8th, recently joined the filming of “The Mansion” and is working hard.

Meanwhile, “The Mansion” will be released in the first half of next year.

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