Hong Hyun-hee

Hong Hyun-hee, who lost 16kg, is trying to lose more, but successfully walks 9km to take care of her body.

Hong Hyun-hee

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee revealed her daily life of exercising steadily.

Hong Hyun-hee posted a photo on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 11th with the message “Successful 9km walk.”

The released photo shows a view of the Han River bridge. Hong Hyun-hee has recently lost 16 kilograms through dieting, but she is continuing to walk and take care of her body 광주호빠

Earlier, Hong Hyun-hee appeared on TV CHOSUN’s “The Man Who Uses Wife Cards” and said, “When I gained a lot, I weighed 70 kilograms, and when I was healthy, I weighed 67 to 8 kilograms.” “Now I maintain 54 kilograms on an empty stomach,” he said, adding, “I lost 16 kilograms in total.”

Meanwhile, Hong Hyun-hee married interior designer Jason in 2018.

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