Handmade lunch for Lee Soo-geun and Park Ji-yeon is amazing. She’s as good with her hands as her beauty.


Park Ji-yeon, the wife of broadcaster Lee Soo-geun, unveiled a handmade lunch box for her son.

Park Jiyeon wrote on her Instagram on the 11th, “Taejun’s lunch box today. I posted a photo with a message that said, “You would like it if you didn’t pack a lunch box instead of a tiger’s mom.”

In the photo released, you can see the neat bacon seaweed roll rice balls, takoyaki, chicken sticks, and tangerines.

In particular, the hand-made lunch box, which was completed brilliantly in the hands of a non-expert, is drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Park Ji-yeon married Lee Soo-geun and has two sons.

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