Ahn Hye-kyung became a full-time employee three years ago working part-time as an office worker.

Ahn Hye-kyung

Actress Ahn Hye-kyung, a former weather forecaster, said she became a full-time employee while working part-time as an office worker.

On August 11, the fifth episode of “Manshin Pocha,” starring Ahn Hye-kyung as a guest, was released on the YouTube channel Grasshopper Entertainment.

“It hit the bottom of my life five or six years ago,” Ahn Hye-kyung said. “I scratched the sofa because I was afraid of getting a coin because it was a very difficult time financially. “I thought I should do a part-time job because I couldn’t afford it,” he said 광주호스트바

“An acquaintance of mine is looking for a part-time job in the office, and I heard that you can scan, copy, and clean from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I went to work the next day rather than the interview with the CEO on the same day. “I’ve been working for three years and now I’m a full-time employee,” he said. “I learned how to invest and prepared for the investment management test.”

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