Lee Seung-yeon

Right, Lee Seung-yeon. I gain weight because of my recent shock, hypothyroidism.

Lee Seung-yeon

Lee Seung-yeon, who was previously diagnosed with hypothyroidism in May and was worried by many people, said, “I have been recovering a lot through steady treatment, but I decided to go on a diet to regain my previous healthy appearance because I did not lose weight.”

Lee Seung-yeon said, “In the past, I didn’t have to worry about my weight, but I had a lot of difficulties in losing weight by myself because I was in my 50s, and I decided to get help from experts because I thought that starving or exercising too much is a way to do at this age.”

When he was young, he lost weight and went on a diet to wear pretty and my favorite clothes, but as he got older and sick, health became the only priority. Lee Seungyeon said, “The people who like me and support me for a long time recently saw me and said, ‘Why did you gain so much weight? “Please come back to your old self.” “I’m going to do my best to show my fans that I’m much healthier than before.”

Lee Seung-yeon married a Korean-American businessman two years younger than him in 2007 and has a 12-year-old daughter. “I’m old, but I think my child is still young, so I want to stay healthy for a longer time with my child. I want to succeed in dieting and show my healthy mother to my child,” he said, expressing his willingness to succeed in diet.

Lee Seung-yeon’s diet method for health is the same as that of singer Huh Gak, broadcaster Seo Kyung-seok, and Super Junior’s ShinDong, who have lost 33kg and regained a healthy father by losing 30kg.

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