Nancy Lang

Nancy Lang Married Unhappy Set Bonds Only 6 Million Won a Month

Nancy Lang

Pop artist Nancy Lang, who returned with a colorful single, confesses her feelings.

MBC’s “Radio Star,” which will be broadcast on the 16th, will be decorated with a “World of Things” special with Um Young-soo (Eom Yong-soo), Nancy Lang, Ham Yeon-ji and George.

Nancy Lang reported her marriage registration in December 2017. With the news of Nancy Lang’s marriage, her husband’s history of crime has been on the chopping block. Finally, in October of the following year, Nancy Lang decided to divorce after 10 months of marriage. After three years of litigation, he became a perfect man with his ex-husband in September.

Nancy Lang, who confessed that the most difficult question was “why did you marry the whole nation?” looks back on the hard time spent by being deceived, persuaded and unaware of the situation where her ex-husband wanted to systematically cheat as a team.

Nancy Lang confesses that her 10-month marriage, which began without a common wedding and wedding pictorial, was “a comprehensive set of misfortunes that she had experienced all the bad things.” In particular, “I took on my debt and paid it back for three years.” “800 million won has increased to 900 million won, and interest alone is 6 million won per month,” he said.

The situation facing him is not easy, but he smiled brightly and expressed his determination to overcome it, which makes me wonder about his story.

Nancy Lang, who performed “Life Talk” while reminiscing about difficult times, also delivers real-life advice, citing the essential checklist before marriage as advice she would like to give to women who are about to get married.

Nancy Lang also said she supported Sayuri, who recently became a voluntary single mother, saying, “You’re a great woman. You’re so cool.” She will reveal her vaguely planned family plan and release a bucket list she wants to do before she reaches her 50s.

“Radio Star” will air at 10:40 p.m. on the 16th.

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