Min Ji-young

Min Ji-young cried when she was 40 years old. She never admitted her child’s death twice after marriage.

Min Ji-young

Actor Min Ji-young, who has established herself as a national actor by appearing in the drama “Love and War,” sheds tears by confessing her story of parting with her child on two miscarriages.

On the 17th, EBS’s “Life Story, Parachute Man,” which is broadcasted on the 17th, features people who have experienced a heartbreaking breakup that leaves their loved ones first, honestly confessing the aftereffects of the breakup and heartache.

Actress Min Ji-young, who appeared as a guest, confessed to two heartbreaking miscarriages. After marrying at the age of 40, Honeymoon Baby came to play, but soon gave birth to her first child. However, he said that he could not admit his death even after hearing that his heart was not beating, and that he had it in his stomach for two weeks, and that the inflammation spread throughout his body. MCs who listened to the surgery could not hide their worries because they were told that they had no choice but to undergo surgery because they were attracted by their mother’s hands.

Announcer Lee Jae-yong, who sympathized with the performers more than anyone else, recalled his father who was fighting the disease. “I don’t think I can say that I’m preparing to break up with my parents,” he said, expressing his feelings about breaking up with his father. Two days after the recording, the news of announcer Lee Jae-yong’s father’s father was reported, causing even greater sadness.

In addition, the story of her husband, who grew up in Handong since high school and had been with her for nearly 40 years, is introduced to the story of her husband who first sent his beloved wife to cancer. He said he has set up a three-course dinner for his wife for three years, raising questions about why.

A mother who is separating from her two children in North Korea and China will continue her heartfelt confession. The recording studio has become a sea of tears due to the story of her mother, who had to break up with her daughters more than anything else in the world. It can be seen on the show what the three mothers and daughters could not meet.

Lastly, an example who had to experience countless breakups from childhood that others could not even go through once or twice will appear to deliver his own secret to withstand the continuing breakup with his family.

Kim Mi-kyung, a star lecturer who heals the hearts of those who are struggling with the hearts of the people, and Lee Jae-yong, a healing talk show hosted by Lee Jae-yong, who touches the hearts of the performers with warm hearts, gather each episode to share their turbulent life history and send a warm message of comfort and hope to viewers.

The separation sickness of the senders who left their loved ones first can be confirmed through EBS’s “Life Story Parachute,” which will air at 9:50 p.m. on the 17th.

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