Robust muscular body 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez gets up at 4:45 a.m every day to exercise


Jennifer Lopez (53), a world-renowned pop star, said she exercises every day without skipping a day.

In an interview with US Weekly on the 22nd (local time), he talked about how moving your body helps you maintain a positive mental attitude.

“It’s no secret that fitness is a very important part of life,” he said, wife of “Batman” Ben Affleck, 50, and mother of 15-year-old twins Max and Emma. He wakes up at 4:45 a.m. every day and starts his day with exercise.

Lopez said he exercises every day not only to look good on the red carpet but also to feel better about himself.

He said: “I’m always evolving, and I’m looking for things that excite and motivate me. I’m open to pushing myself because I’m not afraid to challenge myself. We are rehearsing for our new album to be released this summer,” he said.

Meanwhile, she will star in a film produced by her husband Ben Affleck. Affleck has formed a production company with his best friend Matt Damon, 50, to make the film “Air” about Michael Jordan, and will soon resume work with Amazon to deal with the story of a wrestler named Anthony Robles, who was born on one leg and won the national championship in Arizona.

Affleck said he cast his wife Lopez for the film.

He said, “How pleasant is it to do something with my wife, to see her wonderful figure, to work with her, to work with her best friend? Because ultimately, work is the biggest defining factor in life in terms of the time we spend. “If you don’t like the person you work with or if you have difficulties or problems at work, I think it’s one of the factors that can cause depression, anxiety, and pain,” he said

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