Suzume OST Band Radwimps Performed in Korea in July


The band RADWIMPS, which is in charge of the OST of the movie “Suzume’s Lockdown,” will hold a concert in Korea on July 21.

“Suzume’s Door Lock” is a story about a girl who accidentally opened the door to a disaster, and she has not only maintained the top box office every day since its release, but has also made a new box office history by achieving the highest score in Korea among Makoto Shinkai’s works.

Radwimps is a four-member band formed in 2001 and is loved worldwide beyond Japan for its musicality that is not bound by the existing framework of genre. Radwimps, who has performed several times with a strong fan base in Korea, is currently working as a trio (Yojiro Noda, Yusuke Takeda, Akira Kuwahara), and will start a tour of five Asian countries (5 cities) from April after touring six cities in three North American countries, five in four European countries, and five across Japan. In particular, it is the first visit to Korea in about five years since 2018, and it is the first performance among Asian countries except Japan, raising fans’ expectations.

Radwimps, who is also highly praised for his diverse composition skills in film background music, won the 40th Japan Academy Award and the 43rd Japan Academy Award for Best Music through Makoto Shinkai’s works “Your Name.” In addition, among the OSTs of “Suzume’s Door Lock,” which worked with director Makoto Shinkai for the third time, “Kanata Haruka” and “Suzume” continue to be loved by fans, producing numerous cover songs.

Radwimps greeted domestic fans first through a video before visiting Korea. Yojiro Noda, who is in charge of composing, writing, and singing at Radwimps, said, “Suzume’s Lockdown” has finally been released around the world. “I am happy to be in charge of the theme song and music in director Makoto Shinkai’s work again,” he said. Yusuke Takeda, who plays the bass, said, “Please pay attention to the music along with the movie,” while Akira Kuwahara, who plays the guitar, said, “I’m going to see you again with a live performance.” “Please wait while listening to our music until then,” he said.

Radwimps’ World Tour performance in Korea will be held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on July 21, and tickets will be sold at Interpark Tickets and Yes24 performances, where reservations are made, from 20:00 on April 17

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