Seo Young-hee

Seo Young-hee appeared in the movie Sumbi Sound with Lee Sun-bin and Kim Ja-young

Seo Young-hee

Actress Seo Young-hee has confirmed her appearance in the movie “Sound of Breathing” and is filming.

The movie “Sound of Sumbi” means “the sound of a female diver getting on the surface of the water and exhaling,” and depicts the warm story of three generations of mothers and daughters, including a mother, a daughter, and a granddaughter who have lived as female diver all their lives. Seo Young-hee plays the role of her daughter Ok-ran.

It is known that “Sumbi Sori” will be filmed all over Jeju Island to vividly capture the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island and the appearance of haenyeo. Seo Young-hee is expected to enter the sea where waves strike to play the role of a female diver in Jeju and digest the material herself, while expressing the character more realistically through her hairstyle and makeup.

Actor Seo Young-hee, who has recently been meeting the audience with the play “Dressing Room,” will visit the small screen through the ENA drama “Paper Moon,” which is set to premiere on the 10th.

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