Han Seung-yoon's

Han Seung-yoon’s debut on the screen is fan-supported shooting so he is promoting enthusiastic about it

Han Seung-yoon's

With singer Han Seung-yoon set to make his screen debut with the movie “I Can’t See,” fans are taking the lead in promoting.

“Invisible” tells the story of Kevin (Han Seung-yoon), who became famous as a singer-songwriter after an unknown period, but was in a slump. Han Seung-yoon played Kevin, a singer-songwriter in a slump. After receiving favorable reviews for his stable acting skills in the musical “Crash Landing on You” last year, it is expected that he will become more mature in the movie

Han Seung-yoon’s fans voluntarily started promoting to watch with many people. Fans are actively promoting the movie by receiving movie posters directly and attaching them to Gwanghwamun Art Hall, Seoul Theater Center, university campus, and subway station cultural bulletin boards where Han Seung-yoon performed.

An official said, “I realize that Han Seung-yoon’s fandom is really interested in movies. There are many inquiries about movie screening information and viewing events,” he said. He then said, “I am admiring the mature fan culture as I voluntarily promote SNS and attach movie posters and watch the Nth movie while waiting for the release of the movie.” The film company also plans to encourage viewers to watch through various viewing events

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