Kim Sun-ho

This is Kim Sun-ho who met director Park Hoon-jung and released a poster still

Kim Sun-ho

The movie “Ghost” has confirmed its release in June and released its launching visuals. “The Returnee” is a story of forces with different purposes, including an unidentified man “The Returnee,” appearing in front of “Marco,” a boxer who moves around illegal stadiums in the Philippines, chasing madness.

“Ghost” is drawing attention as Park Hoon-jung’s new film and theatrical stage, which has established itself as a unique “genre film master” in the Korean film industry, including the “New World,” “Paradise Night,” and “Witch” series, as well as actor Kim Sun-ho’s screen debut. Kim Sun-ho transforms himself into a “gwi-gong” with a charm that is completely opposite to the play through “gwi-gong” and presents a different transformation.

The launching visual of “Gwigongja” released this time catches the eye by capturing the silhouette of “Gwigongja” (Kim Sun-ho) who watches the target leisurely while whistling. In the play, “Ghost,” a character played by Kim Sun-ho and the title of the movie, appears in front of “Marco” (Kang Tae-joo), a boxer who struggles by any means to raise money, and is an unidentified pursuer who makes a mess around him. It stimulates the question of how he became entangled with Marco.

Meanwhile, “Ghost” will join Kim Sun-ho, as well as rookie Kang Tae-joo, who was selected through a competition rate of 1,980:1, actor Kim Kang-woo, who adds stability with skillful acting, and Go A-ra, who has given off various charms through various works.

Director Park Hoon-jung, who captivates the audience with his unique style of action, and Kim Sun-ho, who has taken over the screen following plays, dramas and entertainment, will meet the audience at the theater in June 2023

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