Former EXO

There are more than seven victims of alleged sexual assault on a Chris minor from EXO.

Former EXO

Former EXO member Chris (Wooipan) has been embroiled in allegations of sexual assault against a minor.

On the 18th, Weibo posted a revelation that Wu Yi-fan asked for a casting interview and a mini fan meeting, and that he had sex with a minor after making him drink in the process.

A, who revealed this, said that Wu Yi-pan deposited 500,000 yuan (88.36 million won) after having sex, and said, “I wanted to leave when I first had sex, but Wu Yi-pan’s manager threatened me.” “When I was in a relationship, I never had birth control and I never had the entertainment industry support that I promised to other women,” Wu Yi-fan said.

“The 500,000 yuan we received from Wu Yi-pan is being returned, and 180,000 yuan has been returned, and the rest will be sent separately due to restrictions on transfer. More than seven minors were affected. “I hope I am the last victim and I will fight fair and square until the end.”

Woo Yi-fan debuted as EXO in 2012, but filed a lawsuit against his agency SM Entertainment in 2014 to confirm the absence of exclusive contract validity. With the court’s decision to recommend reconciliation in 2016, the contract with SM Entertainment was maintained until 2022, and it is actively working in China.

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