Shinji is on a diet and leggings are no joke


Shinji shared a picture of her daily life wearing sportswear.

On the afternoon of the 28th, Shinji posted on her Instagram, “I really didn’t want to work out today… #I’m glad I came,” he posted a photo with the comment.

In the picture, Shinji is taking a picture of Count through a mirror. Shinji’s slim figure, wearing leggings and sportswear that reveal her body line without humiliation, stole the attention. Shinji, who tied her hair together, boasted a small face and a slim neckline.

Shinji’s post that she’s maintaining her body line with pilates after dieting said, “Working out must be the best.” “I didn’t want to go to work out either, but I decided to go after seeing her.”He left comments such as ㅠㅠ.”

Meanwhile, Shinji debuted in 1998 with her first Coyote album, “Goyote.” He is currently the host of MBC’s standard FM “Jung Joon-ha, Shinji’s Single Bungle Show.”

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