Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk, the additional victim of the school violence, lived in pain for the rest of his life His agency is his wife

Nam Joo Hyuk

“When I saw Nam Joo-hyuk in the movie, I was in pain because of his past wounds,” the person who suffered school violence (school violence) from actor Nam Joo-hyuk confessed his past wounds himself. The agency refuted A’s claim, saying, “As a result of the confirmation, it is groundless.”

A, who attended Suil High School with Nam Joo-hyuk, met with this paper and recalled the damage he had suffered from school violence. It is the first time that A’s damage has been known to the media as a different person from the first exposure to school violence.

A accurately remembered the names of Nam Joo-hyuk and his friends who bullied him together. While attending high school, Nam Joo-hyuk ‘collective outcasted’ me with violence and verbal abuse, A said. “I forgot about my past wounds for a while, but I felt painful because my old wounds burst like pus after watching a movie.”

The school violence that Nam Joo-hyuk inflicted on A continued throughout his school days. “Nam Joo-hyuk always forced me to turn on my smartphone data hotspot and took my smartphone at will,” he said. “If I was caught using my smartphone, Nam Joo-hyuk submitted my smartphone, not his own, and Nam Joo-hyuk had more of my smartphone on campus throughout his high school life.”

Nam Joo-hyuk took my smartphone and paid tens of thousands of won worth of paid games or items in the game at will, he said. “When my parents asked me to pay for the phone, I was asked why I should give it to them, and I didn’t return the money.”

A also had to make unwanted fist fights due to Nam Joo-hyuk. Nam called it “sparing.” A said, “If I refused Nam Joo-hyuk’s request or didn’t like the group, I designated my fight partner to spar,” adding, “Nam Joo-hyuk and his group stood in a circle on one side of the classroom and made a ring, and I had to fight against an unwanted opponent.” It is said that A unilaterally chose to get hit because he hated the fight that continued afterwards.

A introduced an anecdote, saying that coercive orders such as “Bread Shuttle” continued during his school days. “One day, Nam Joo-hyuk said to me, ‘If you buy bread in three minutes, I’ll let you get out of the bread shuttle,'” A said. “I went to the store in a sprint, but Nam Joo-hyuk said, ‘It’s been more than three minutes, so I have to keep doing the bread shuttle,’ and the same routine was repeated.”

A said, “Throughout my school days, I have endured it thinking that it is revenge for them to get a good job and show a good life,” adding, “I had suffered from public popularity in the past due to the school violence from Nam Joo-hyuk.”

In the meantime, I also saw an article that Nam Joo-hyuk denied school violence and sued his friend (B). It’s painful to think about the pain of the past and I’m living a normal social life now, but I came forward after seeing my friend accused of it, he said. “I don’t want you to admit your past mistakes and work.” Every time I see him, it’s so painful.”

The mother of her classmate B, who first exposed Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence, also spoke.

B’s mother appealed, “Most of the first articles interviewed by his son went out differently from what he actually said, and his agency is conducting a second round of abuse by even filing a complaint without confirming the facts.”

“My son is suffering from trauma all his life due to school violence,” he said. “The victims of school violence have been living with pain in their hearts until now.”

An official from the Blue Tree Foundation (Cheongye Group), a school violence prevention group, said, “Currently, it is common for the perpetrator to report the victim to the school violence committee (both sides).”

An official from Management Forest, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency, said, “We confirmed the informant’s claim, and all the claims are groundless,” adding, “Even if the company and the actor’s position are in the article, I sincerely ask you to understand that it is the actor and the actor’s family who are damaged by the article.”

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