When I got the script for Yoo Jitae’s house the reason why I filmed it wearing bed shoes


Actor Yoo Ji-tae told the story behind “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone.”

I met Yoo Ji-tae, the main character of the Netflix series “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone,” through video on the 27th.

The “House of Paper: Joint Economic Zone,” a remake of the popular Spanish series of the same name, features an unprecedented hostage robbery conducted by genius strategists and robbers with different personalities and abilities against the backdrop of the Korean Peninsula in 2026.

Yoo Ji-tae played a leading and controlling professor in robbers Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Rio, Helsinki and Oslo. In the drama, the professor plans and conducts operations to target the Unification Mint for 4 trillion won, the highest amount in the history of a single robbery.

The series has maintained its position since it ranked third in the world in the TV program category on the 25th, a day after the release of Flicks Patrol, an online video service (OTT) ranking website. However, the audience’s responses were mixed. Although the addition of Korean colors, such as robbers who appear in Hahoe masks, is well received, many say that the somewhat awkward lines and some actors’ acting skills are disappointing.

Yoo Ji-tae said, “I’m so grateful for the explosive response from domestic and foreign viewers. I wish Part 2 would be loved more. I feel restless,” he said.

“I knew when I got the script. I think we need to brace ourselves, he said cautiously, “We only have to worry about the burden of the box office.”

Yoo Ji-tae then said, “I tried to show my strength,” adding, “Externally, I was immersed in capitalism and wanted to highlight the impression that could favor women a little more.” Season 2 was reduced to 12 episodes. In addition to the ambassador, I tried to create an action that could show the professor’s warrior,” he said, pointing out his efforts.

Actor Kim Yoon-jin, who plays Inspector Sun Woo-jin, the head of the crisis negotiation team at the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency in Korea, and Yoo Ji-tae, who also showed an unconventional melodrama, said, “I used to play a little bed scene in dramas. “Good Wife” has 20 million views on YouTube. I was surprised.”

“I’ve been building up my body for a long time, but I think it’d be better to dress up and film with the director.” “I didn’t think it would suit the professor if it looked sensual, and the coach also thought Denver (Kim Ji-hoon) should take sexy beauty,” he said.

Yoo Ji-tae smiled when asked how many views he expected if the bed scene of professor and Woo-jin was released on YouTube, saying, “Wouldn’t it be about 5 million?”

He also praised actor Jeon Jong-seo. Yoo Ji-tae explained, “The mysterious mask that the actor had was impressive.” “I thought he was an actor with a lot of potential. I hope Jeon Jong-seo will focus on movies in the future. I hope it will expand into a drama afterwards,” he added.

“The movie has mise-en-sc일이ne and details. Wouldn’t you get a better reputation if you move to a drama after experiencing a lot of emotional explosions? You are still top class and you are doing great acting, but I hope you can play many genres in the movie. Drama can be a little difficult to show the cohesive details of Jeon Jong-seo. I hope you can express your charm through movies and expand into dramas.”

In Part 2, the reason for the professor’s robbery and his warrior will be revealed. Yoo Ji-tae said, “The professor made a version of Part 1 and there is no story about why. Viewers will think, “Why did the professor gather the robbers?” and “What is the warrior?” “In Part 2, curiosity is solved.”

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