Son Dambi

Son Dambi and Lee Kyu Hyuk got married after 7 months?

Son Dambi

Son Dam-bi showed off her sweet honeymoon by playing with her husband Lee Kyu-hyuk.

Before going out on the 5th, Son Dam-bi posted a picture taken in front of the mirror at the front door of her house.

Dressed warmly, Son is taking a selfie with her cell phone in front of the mirror. As soon as Son Dam-bi took the picture, her husband Lee Kyu-hyuk came out and was taken together. Unlike Son Dambi, who posed beautifully, Lee Kyu-hyuk looked shaken in the photo in a posture of his hips.

In response, Son Dam-bi showed a friendly appearance, adding a comment saying, “Oppa, go away.” and a smiling emoticon.

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk are continuing their happy marriage by marrying in May this year and revealing their honeymoon on the air.

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