Stephanie 23 years older than her boyfriend, she’s just amazed by her all-time body


Stephanie from Heavenly Ji-hee The Grace showed off her sexy charm.

Stephanie posted three photos on her Instagram account on the 9th, along with a short message “Sunday vibe,” meaning “Sunday vibe.”

In the photo released, Stephanie is wearing a sleeveless mini dress and showing off her sexy charm. In particular, the figure without flab attracts attention. Internet users expressed envy for their long and thin legs, saying, “Is the ratio perfect?”

Stephanie, who made her debut with the female group Cheon Sang-jihee the Grace in 2005, admitted her romantic relationship with Brady Anderson, a former Major Leaguer of the U.S. professional baseball league, in June last year. At the time, the two became more popular because they were growing a pretty love than the age gap of 23 부산출장마사지

Stephanie, who majored in ballet, played the role of Cosette in last year’s creative ballet “Les Miserables.”

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