Ten Hach Ronaldo’s replacement will be given seven times to Real’s special talent


High salary, up to number seven!

Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hagh has predicted a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid young star Vinicius Junior.

Ronaldo and Manchester United’s separation has become a fait accompli. Ronaldo has recently been under fire for his shocking interview with Manchester United, coach Ten Hagh and members. For now, it has evolved with the opening of the Qatar World Cup, but it is hard to imagine Ronaldo playing for Manchester United after crossing the river that cannot be returned.

Manchester United and coach Ten Hach now have to find a replacement for Ronaldo. Local media “El Nacional” reported that coach Ten Hach is desperate for Real’s Vinicius as a replacement for Ronaldo and thinks he will play for Manchester United in the next few years.

The media claimed that coach Ten Hach contacted Vinicius in person to tell him not to renew his contract with Real. And he added that he can get a much higher salary than in Real and that he is ready to give his back number 7. Manchester United’s No. 7 is a symbolic number that only top stars can wear, and is currently used by Ronaldo.

There has been much speculation about Vinicius’ contract to extend Real, but there has been no official announcement about his future yet. Vinicius and Real’s contract is in place until 2024

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