Faker’s renewal of contract T1 announces 2023 roster today


LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) clubs are completing the 2023 season squad one after another. So far, Damwon Kia, Hanwha Life e-sports, Nongshim Red Force, KT Rolster, and Gen.G e-sports have confirmed their main players. T1, DRX, Freddit Brion, Guangdong Freix, and Reeve Sandbox still have empty seats.

Today, the 28th, T1 will announce the completed roster. T1 CEO Joe Marsh said on SNS on the 25th that he would announce the T1 team and coaches at 10 a.m. today. However, he posted a post again today, the day, saying that he needed time to complete the contract, and that the announcement at 10 o’clock will be delayed. In addition, the company said it will unveil the completed roster within today.

T1’s announcement is of keen interest to whether Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk) will renew his contract. During the 2022 season, T1 has already renewed its contract with other key players such as Zeus (Choi Woo-je), Owner (Moon Hyun-joon), Kuma Yushi (Lee Min-hyung), and Keria (Ryu Min-seok). He only has to renew his contract with Faker, the team’s leading star and living legend in the league of legends. Given that CEO Jomash announced that he would disclose the roster himself, speculation is mounting that the contract may have been renewed.

The head of the vacant T1, coaches, and second-tier teams are also drawing attention. T1 has not announced the head and coaching staff other than promoting Wengi (Bae Sung-woong), who was currently acting as an acting coach in 2022. As all second-tier teams have also been converted to FA status, they have to replenish their personnel. The importance of the second-tier team has grown as LCK shares the first-tier and second-tier rosters in accordance with the regulations changed 파워볼사이트

The head of T1 and coaches are mentioned as coaches and players who used to be active in T1. In particular, it is said that Kim Jung-kyun (Kid), who has won the LOL World Cup three times as the coach of T1, will come as the leader. Among the coaches are Piglet (Chae Kwang-jin), who played as a long-distance dealer for T1, and Mata (Jo Se-hyung), who served as a supporter.

As he finished second in the LOL World Cup final this season by a narrow margin, if T1 maintains its existing squad with Faker’s renewal, it is expected to show good performance in the upcoming 2023 spring season

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