Why did he have to sign a minor contract with SD before the Mexican match, which was highly anticipated with RYU?


Julio Teheran (31), who once lightly beat the double-digit multiplier in his early to mid-20s, dreams of a comeback in the San Diego Padres.

New York Post reporter John Heyman signed a minor league contract with veteran starter Tehran on the 28th (Korea Standard Time). He said, “If I go up to the Major League, I will receive $6 million.”

Teheran, who made his major league debut with the Atlanta Braves in 2011, drew attention in 2013 with 14 wins and 8 losses and a 3.20 ERA, ranking fifth in the National League Rookie of the Year voting. Fourth place was LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun-jin at the time. He has a career-high 78 wins and 77 losses and a 3.80 ERA in Major League Baseball. His career record is similar to that of Ryu Hyun-jin (75 wins, 45 losses, 3.27). Since then, he has been active as Atlanta’s main starter, scoring more than 10 wins five times until 2019.

After becoming an FA after the 2019 season, he signed a $9 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels, but failed to continue his contract the following year with four losses and a 10.05 ERA in 10 games without victory. He then signed a minor league contract with the Detroit Tigers in 2021 and sought to re-enter the Major League, but he threw only one game at the beginning of the season and broke his right shoulder, so he was no longer seen in the big leagues.

This year, he spent his entire career playing in independent and Mexican leagues. Still, he pitched 68 innings as a starter in a total of 13 games, raising his ERA of 3.57, inflating his dream of a comeback.

San Diego gives him a chance because it is urgent to reinforce the starting lineup. San Diego is currently uncertain about renewing its contract as Mike Clevinzer and Sean Manea have qualified for FA. He renewed his contract with another FA starter Nick Martinez for three years and $26 million.

San Diego is also known to have entered the recruitment race for Senga Godai, a former Japanese Softbank Hawks ace. In this situation, it can be said that Tehran was recruited to reinforce Debs. The current five-man rotation for San Diego is in the order of Joe Musgrove, Darvish Yu, Blake Snell, Martinez and Pedro Avila. Avila, who has only four big league experience, is destined to be relegated at any time

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