The background of BTS sudden decision to enlist is…Like BTS, I kept my promise


Against the background of the group BTS’s sudden declaration of enlistment, starting with its eldest brother Jin on the 17th, the music industry analyzes that it is a solution for the group’s “long run” while keeping their promises to society.

Although the current regulations guarantee the postponement of enlistment until the end of this year, it is also interpreted that it is his choice and decision, not his “pushed enlistment.”

“I’ll go when the time comes.” I’ve been emphasizing…As if you kept your promise

The BTS has maintained its position that it will go on its own when the time comes.

Jin said at a press conference to commemorate the release of his fourth full-length album in February 2020, “I think military service is a natural duty and will respond at any time if there is a call from the country.”

In an interview with the U.S. broadcaster in April 2019, a year ago, he said, “It’s natural as a Korean,” adding, “We’re ready to run and do our best when we’re called by the country someday.” I will do my best.”

In May 2020, another member, Suga, also expressed his honest feelings through the lyrics of the solo mixtape (non-regular album), “The military will go on its own when the time comes, so I hope XX who tried to sell our names and put spoons on top of us.”

However, regardless of the singer’s intention, the opinion that alternative services should be introduced around the pop music industry has risen to the surface, and some lawmakers seem to have been suffering from mental anguish as “uncertainty” has been amplified.

In fact, Lee Jin-hyung, general manager of Hive Communications (CCO), said at a press conference in Las Vegas in April this year, “The members have said they will respond to the national call, but they have not changed even now,” adding, “It is true that artists are having a hard time predicting the timing.”

In the music industry, it is observed that the members may have felt burdened by the whole nation’s controversy over whether to join the military. This is the part that Suga pointed out through the lyrics of the song as “put a spoon on top.”

According to Realmeter’s survey of 1,18 adult men and women aged 18 or older nationwide at the request of the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee from the 14th to the 15th of last month, 60.9% said “yes” to the review of the military service law, including BTSs.

As a result, there were fierce pros and cons among lawmakers over the introduction of an alternative service system for them during the parliamentary inspection of the National Defense Commission, including the Military Manpower Administration on the 7th of this month.

However, regardless of the pros and cons, Jin made a decision to fulfill his military service obligations as promised.

It is believed that the best time for the announcement is right after the solo concert on the 15th, which was promised to “the best moment has not yet come” (the lyrics of the new song “Old to Com”) ahead of 50,000 “ARMY” (BTS fans).

In particular, even though the postponement of enlistment is guaranteed until the end of this year, it boldly gave up about two months earlier and created a “world star BTS-like” look that keeps its promise rather than being pushed to join the army.

Paving stone for the longevity group…”Killing two birds with one stone” shows off his solo music skills

Some analysts say that Jin and the members’ decision may be a sketch to keep the group for a long time.

At a concert in Busan on the 15th, Jimin said, “I have so many memories I made with you,” and added, “I have to go for another 30 or 40 years.”

If the members look forward to the day when the seven will one day become one again, they may have judged that the inevitable duty of military service is a “diameter path” to fulfill quickly.

RM said at the concert on the same day, “Even if I don’t say much, you will know,” adding, “If you believe in us, we will overcome ‘no matter what happens to us,’ perform happily and make music.”

Each member has a difference of up to five years of age from the eldest brother Jin (born in 1992) to the youngest Jungkook (born in 1997), so the timing of enlistment is likely to be different for each member. Moreover, it is calculated that all seven members can return to the group BTS after completing their military service obligations only when Jin cuts off the “start” as soon as possible.

In addition, the service experience of returning to an ordinary Korean citizen, not a BTS, may be a great nourishment for the resumption of music activities in the future.

On the other hand, the decision to join the military could be an opportunity to unleash the musical capabilities condensed by each member over the past nine years as a solo artist.

In June this year, BTS expressed its intention to focus on official solo activities instead of group music activities, but the decision to enlist is expected to speed up the work.

Already, member J-Hope held his first solo debut ceremony in July this year, and for the first time, Jin announced his solo single before joining the military. The rest of the members, including RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook, and Suga, are also expected to focus on their work.

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