Moon Jae-in corona is president of the 19th re-spread, now being diagnosed as “corona to block the spread last moment of truth”, ” every effort for the prevention of epidemics with great determination.I’ll pay, ” he said.

At a meeting of senior and aides held from 2 p.m. on the 7th, President Moon reminded the fact that social distance management will be upgraded to 2.5 levels from tomorrow (8th), and explained, “It is based on the judgment that the spread of corona has not been dampened by the improvement of the distance control stage and the results of measures to strengthen quarantine.”

He apologized for the quarantine failure, saying, “I feel very sorry and heavy because we have failed to break the spread of corona despite the strengthening of quarantine measures, and by upgrading the level again, we are giving greater burden and inconvenience to the people.”

President Moon said, “This is a more serious crisis than ever,” adding, “Invisible infections and radio waves are spreading rapidly in everyday spaces, and more and more confirmed cases are finding it difficult to determine the route of infection.” “We cannot help but worry that if the current growth continues, the burden on the health care system, such as sickbeds and medical personnel, will increase.”

President Moon said, “If we fail to block the spread of corona quickly and get into an uncontrollable nationwide pandemic, it will deal a serious blow to the safety of the people and the people’s livelihoods,” adding, “The government recognizes this as the last crisis to block the spread of corona until vaccines and treatments are used, and will make all-out efforts to prevent it with extraordinary determination.”

In particular, he appealed to the public to abide by the stricter quarantine rules and to refrain from meeting and moving during Christmas and New Year holidays as much as possible.

President Moon stressed, “Since it is spreading unknowingly in everyday living space, voluntary practice by each and every citizen is particularly urgent,” adding, “We can prevent the spread of infection by keeping the basics of prevention such as mask-wearing and close contact restraint.”

President Moon said, “Last Chuseok, we gathered our strength to prevent the disease with our hearts even though we couldn’t go,” and added, “Now we need to have more mindset than that.” There will be many people to meet and places to visit, 파워볼사이트 but please refrain from meeting and moving as much as possible.”

Earlier in the day, President Moon ordered the government to put as much epidemiological investigation personnel as possible into the Seoul metropolitan area to investigate the Corona 19 infection route. As a result, it is expected that government officials, the military, and the police will be involved in an epidemiological investigation of the metropolitan area starting this week

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