Top Tottenham prospect Scarlett Youth, five-goal blasts, fans won’t sign for life.


Tottenham fans expressed high expectations for youth striker Dani Scarlett (16).

Scarlett competed in the U-18 Youth Cup match against Newport County on the 12th (Korean time). The Tottenham U-18 team was taken 0-2 by the Newport County U-18 team, but Scarlett scored a hat-trick to make the turnaround. With Rosson Maturin 4-2 with one more goal added, Scarlett scored more with a penalty kick and a clean volley. In the end, Tottenham’s U-18 team won a 6-2 victory 토토꽁머니

Tottenham manager Matt Taylor said, “The players’ performance was the worst when they fell behind 0-2 in the first half. Overall mobility and motivation seemed to have fallen significantly. Overall, it was disappointing. Fortunately, he made a big turnaround in the second half and succeeded in turning the tables. In particular, Scarlett’s performance with five goals is fantastic. He added a lot of strength to our goal of winning.

Scarlett has already made her debut on the first team stage. He also accompanied him in the preseason and made his debut in the fourth game of Group J of the UEFA Europa League (UEL) on November 27th, replacing Lucas Moura in the 37th minute of the second half.

“I suffered a serious knee injury a year ago,” Scarlett said on her personal SNS after her debut. But he made his debut at Tottenham. My family’s dream came true. It is regrettable that he made his debut in a zero-tolerance game. However, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who sent me support.

Mourinho said, “When I trained with Scarlett in the preseason, I was surprised that he was the youngest player. Scarlett must have had a good experience spending the preseason with us. “Of course, then Scarlett played for the U-18 team. But yesterday, I felt there was room for young players in the first team, and I asked the team leader and manager Youth who deserved to play, and the answer was Scarlett,” he said, explaining the reason for the appointment.

Scarlett scored 13 goals in 10 matches and one goal in the under-23 team. You can see that he is way better than his age. Tottenham fans responded through SNS, saying, “I want a life contract with Scarlett, he is the team’s best prospect, I hope he renews a long-term contract with Scarlett quickly, and Scarlett is the next super star.”

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