Harden’s despair. It’s not a situation that can be fixed on his way back.


He had a rough time due to demands for trade in the opening game of the season. Therefore, his words have no choice but to come more special.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden expressed despair in a video interview after losing his home game against the Los Angeles Lakers 100-117 at Toyota Center on the 13th (Korea time), saying, “Honestly speaking, it was no match compared to that team.”

“We just weren’t good,” he said. Chemistry and talent, everything was clearly revealed in the last two games. It was like that from the start of the game. The opponent is the winner, and the best team in the league,” he said of his poor performance against the winning team last season.

The next statement was significant. “I love this city,” he continued. “I did everything I could. Things are going crazy right now. I don’t think it’s a situation that I can fix,” he said before leaving the press conference.

He is known to have consistently sent a message to the team to “make a winning team or trade me” since becoming the main player of Houston. Since last season, the team has refused to join the training and demanded a trade as it has shifted direction by replacing head coach Mike Danton and head coach Darryl Mori 토토사이트

Houston failed to trade Harden wanted, and the season has begun, but it has been sluggish in the early stages. Harden’s patience seems to have reached its limit due to his continued slump.

In this regard, ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Woznarowski explained, “Harden knows that the trade is not imminent, but the Rocketts are discussing the scenario.” He added that Houston’s demands are still high.

On the other hand, manager Steven Silas said, “It shouldn’t be who we are that has been beaten back. We have to cope with adversity and overcome it with our strength, but we can’t do it,” he said, adding, “We should not repeat such a lethargic defeat.” At least Harden shared a sense of crisis.

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