Joel Embeed

Why are we the only ones playing? NBA Double Standard Discontent Explodes with the Game Promotion

Joel Embeed

Joel Embeed (27, Philadelphia) was very angry.

The Philadelphia Phillies, who were confirmed as Corona, suffered a crushing defeat at the away game in Atlanta on Wednesday, 94-112 games. After falling 18-37 in the second quarter alone, the Philadelphia Phillies almost gave up the second half 토토꽁머니

There was a reasonable circumstance.The Philadelphia Phillies were quarantined after Seth Curry was confirmed to have played in the match against Brooklyn on Saturday. Ambide, who had close contact with Curry, was also quarantined. The entire team was quarantined in New York and tested for corona. After the epidemiological investigation, Philadelphia barely traveled by bus to Philadelphia.

Only seven players were allowed to play for Philadelphia ahead of the home game against Denver on Saturday. At least eight people were needed for the NBA game, which was likely to cancel the game. However, the NBA pushed ahead, and Philadelphia managed to put the injured Scott on the list. The result was a 103–115 rout. Rookie Tyreese Maxi played a surprising 39 points, but it was not comforting.

In Philadelphia, Seth Curry, Tobias Harris, Sheikh Milton, Matisse Tiboule and Vincent Forer have been quarantined by NBA Corona regulations. There are also many injured people such as Percan Comaz, Terrence Ferguson and Ben Simmons. Joel Embead and Mike Scott returned from injuries on the 12th, but the situation is serious.

MBID had close contact with confirmed person Seth Curry, but returned with a voice. Philadelphia played only nine players and suffered a crushing defeat against Atlanta. But Boston and Dallas, which are similar to Philadelphia, have been canceled one after another. “The NBA Secretariat is using double standards,” MBID said.

“The secretariat hates procedures,” MBID wrote on his social media on Wednesday. Six years later, they will be playing in their heads. I woke up, and I chose violence.” Fortunately, M.B.D. didn’t miss the game without permission like Kai Lee Irving.

“We played a game that we shouldn’t have,” Philadelphia coach Dr.Libus said. There are many voices calling for overhauling the poor Corona quarantine guidelines of the NBA Secretariat.

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