Why did all the cast members cry during Eun Ji-won’s recording?


Eun Ji-won of JTBC’s ‘Emotional Camping’ reveals all the stories that the cast rang during the recording.

The story of Eun Ji-won ringing all the cast members, including the members of “Gamseong Camping” and guest Song Min-ho, will be revealed.

JTBC’s “Gamseong Camping” is a “conceptual camping entertainment” where comedians Ahn Young-mi, Park Na-rae and “MAMAMOO” Solar, “Apink” Son Na-eun and actress Park So-dam invite top star guests and leave for exotic attractions in Korea.

In the 12th episode of “Gamseong Camping,” professional entertainers Eun Ji-won and Song Min-ho will play as camping friends following the previous episode. In particular, Eun Ji-won, who said she appeared in the previous film for the purpose of destroying emotions, will show an upgraded appearance of an entertainer.

On this day’s camping day, a thrilling (?) “Manito Game” by the members and campers will be held. Unlike ordinary manito games, which require you to be a guardian angel and do good things secretly, we will hold an “upgrade manito game” where you have to carry out special missions secretly. As soon as Eun Ji-won received the mission, she was said to have been scared, saying, “If I do this, I become a personality garbage,” leading to expectations.

When the Manito game began, Eun Ji-won showed off her appearance as an “entertainment nutty” by no means or other to succeed in the mission. In particular, Eun Ji-won, who visited the sentimental camping with “emotional breakers,” made all the members cry during the mission, making the entire filming site a sea of tears, adding to the curiosity.

Indeed, what will be the story of Eun Ji-won’s “emotional breaker” becoming a “tear maker,” and the unimaginable manito camping will be available in the 12th episode of “emotional camping,” which will air at 9 p.m. on the 8th (Friday).

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